France’s hatred of bibliometrics remains unbeatable

Still following the post of July 31 about the three (non-Portuguese) posts with the most views of this blog check below the updated Top 5 where the first place remains unbeatable:

1º – France wants the European Union to wage war against bibliometrics

2º – Top 10 countries that are helping the Orc Putin rape, torture, and kill Ukrainian civilians

3º – Elsevier – The future of research revealed

4º – The real (evil) genius behind the curtain

5º – A boycott that will help free Humanity from the cult of ignorance

The top five countries (of the 140 who have ever visited this blog) that contributed the most to the result above are the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, and Australia. But after correcting for the influence of the size of these countries, Finland comes first.

PS – The recent scientists’ ranking in which France appears far below countries such as Switzerland, Denmark, and the USA may help explain France’s hatred of bibliometrics.