Elsevier – The future of research revealed


Find the 148-page report by Elsevier in the link above. Details about the methodology can be found on page 145.

Page 139 concerns online teaching via MOOCs. I find it rather interesting the fact that “the most popular topics before the pandemic included computer science, programming and business. Since the onset of COVID-19, however, personal development, art & design and business take the top three slots” because of what i wrote in a post of 19-11-2019.

Still, about MOOCs it’s important to mention that recently Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, gave an interview to a Portuguese newspaper where he said that in joint training with universities such as the Imperial College, the diploma will not show that the training was done on Coursera, but only at that the Imperial College: “The degree does not make any reference to Coursera. Your employer will never know from the degree that you took your Imperial College machine learning course through our online platform