Top 10 countries that are helping the Orc Putin rape, torture, and kill Ukrainian civilians

Still following the post above check below the list of 10 countries that are helping to fund the Russian war machine the most at least according to The Economist:

1 – Austria

2 – Finland

3 – Lithuania (this country just decide to cut Russian Gas)

4 – Slovakia

5 – Hungary

6 – Poland

7 – Germany

8 – Italy

9 – France

10 – Netherlands

Since oil and gas pipelines from Russia to Europe are the main funding sources of the Russian killing machine does that mean the Ukrainian army is entitled to start bombing them in order to try to stop the Russian invasion? Or, on the contrary, should Ukrainians value the comfort of Austrians much more than their own lives?

PS – How deeply hypocritical it is to see the European press “outraged” with the “mutilated bodies of murdered men, women, and children….rape and murder of young girls” just found in the Ukrainian city of Bucha if European countries do not accept to reduce their comfort (which even includes obnoxious highways without speed limits at the same time that The Economist just stated that lowering motorway speed limits by 10kph would be able to trim fuel use by 15%) thus keeping on funding the Russian criminal machine with almost 1 billion euros per day!