The comfort of Europeans is being paid for with the blood of Ukrainian children

The Washington Post just published an interesting article about Mikhail Mizintsev, a notorious Russian coward who has a macabre record of destroying cities in Syria and who is now responsible for war crimes in Ukraine. 

The text below (concerning a different Russian Mikhail) was written by the former molecular cell researcher Leonid Schneider and helps to explain the madness of Russian “scientists”. “Mikhail Kovalchuk (brother of Putin’s moneyman, the oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk)…explained that solar panels and windmills were being deployed by Germany in Ukraine as a secret infrasound weapon against Russia” 

If Europe thinks it will stop the mad Russian butchers without severe pain it has another think coming. In fact, a cowardly (pleasure-seeking addict) civilization that comfortably watches the ongoing Ukrainian slaughter from afar  (wasting countless hours in philosophical discussions about a slap that took place in Hollywood) hardly deserves to exist, especially since their disgusting comfort (except for the countries that do not use Russian energy and therefore are not funding the Russian army) is now being paid for with the blood of Ukrainian children.

No, it’s not enough to sanction Russian oligarchs. No, it’s not enough to impose sanctions on Russian companies. No, it’s not enough to boycott Russian sportsmen during the next decades. No, it’s not enough to lower room temperature by 2 ºC as was recently suggested by the two naive Germans Braesemann & Schuler

Most likely it is necessary to reduce room temperature by 4 ºC or even 5 ºC, it is also badly necessary to reduce the speed limit on all European highways (a most needed measure that German Ministers hate so much), stop rewarding and celebrating environmental offenders like Hamilton, also to go back, once again, to remote work (because Putin and his butcher proxies are worse than Covid-19 or any other deadly virus) and if necessary even to go back to coal-based energy, at least until the Russian butchery is finally stopped.