Effective altruism and the selfish beliefs of many in rich countries

Still following the interesting paper on effective altruism published one month ago on Time, where among many other things they mention a book that makes the case for long-term based altruistic decisions as a “key moral priority of our time” (see also the recommendation for long-term approaches for climate change consequences) why is it then that rich countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, and even Germany have an extremely low rate of afterlife organ donations https://www.irodat.org/img/database/grafics/2021_01_worldwide-actual-deceased-organ-donors.png is it because many in these rich countries believe they will need their rotten organs in the afterlife?

PS – Most ironically, Putin is working hard (in a very altruistic manner) for the long-term destruction of the Russian Federation because as Sergej Sumlenny (Russian-born political scientist, and former regional Director of the German Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung foundation) has written, the invasion of Ukraine is the beginning of Russia’s future disintegration. Amazingly, several Russian deputies just accused Putin of crimes of high treason and appealed to the country’s Duma to impeach him.

Update on 12 September – Municipal lawmakers from 18 districts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the town of Kolpino have signed a petition demanding the resignation of Putin. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/09/12/russian-city-deputies-petition-for-putin-resignation-a78768 Still I wonder how many of them will now start to appear as victims of staged suicides ?