Five women who have a special relationship with the Orc Bloodymir Putin: The drunk’s daughter, the deportee’s daughter, the academic´s daughter, the engineer’s daughter, and the son of a bitch´s daughter

When will Mr. Olaf have the courage to behave much more like Sanna, Kaja, Magdalena, and Ingrida and much less like La Putain de La République ?

Its true that German Economic Minister Robert Habeck just said Germans should save energy to reduce the dependency on Russian energy “I ask everyone to make a contribution to saving energy right now“. Unfortunately, the German government is still “reluctant to resort to mandatory energy-saving measures, such as a highway speed limit. This means that the German hypocrisy knows no bounds, and also that the selfish “pleasure” of driving without speed limits is worth much more than the lives of Ukrainians, otherwise, the German Government should have enforced highway speed limits in the very same week that Russia invaded Ukraine.

PS – A few days ago Covid-19 did a favor to the world by killing a Russian whom Orc Putin praised as “a patriot who always defended the interests of Russia“. It’s the same patriot that once said Russia should invade Finland and Poland and who also predicted the invasion of Ukraine The worst part, however, was when he ran for president and six million Russians voted for him which means there are at least six million Russians who love his warmongering ideas and the sadistic possibility of seeing Russian Orcs raping Finnish and Polish women. Probably they are grandchildren of the soldiers who raped almost two million German women. And in fact, that´s not just a wild hypothesis, because in a recent article in The Economist it is possible to read the following statement by a Russian soldier that appeared on Russian state television: My great grandfather went through second world war…I´m a glorious successor of this tradition. Now my time has come…and I will go all the way”