The academic boycott has already caused Russia’s scientific production to fall by more than 30%

Still following the post above and the academic boycott mentioned there, it is very positive to see that the scientific production of Russian institutions, indexed in the Scopus database, in the first 4.5 months of 2022, had a drop of more than 30% when compared to the production average over the same period of the previous two years. And that percentage would have been higher if Scopus allowed its users to be able to analyze only the period since February 24th, when the Orc Bloodymir Putin started its criminal military aggression against Ukraine.

This drop could increase even more significantly if more scientists refuse to edit or review articles by authors affiliated with institutions of the country ruled by a notorious psychopath, which, according to Patriarch Kirill, also known as Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev (another Russian scoundrel who worked for the KGB and who has a passion for luxury watches) will save Humanity from the terrible threat of the homosexual Anti-Christ

PS – Freezing the publications of researchers affiliated with Russian institutions, for a few months, will not bring great harm to world science, because it is known that Russia is a scientific dwarf ravaged by academic inbreeding having dozens (more than 60) of Rectors who have plagiarized their own dissertations. It’s a country with a low publication rate and with publications of little relevance, not deserving to be cited. And that is why its SHCS (Scopus Highly Cited Scientists) ratio per million inhabitants is only 6 (six), a value that is far below the ratio of many countries