Wine-based decisions and the “poorly organized, poorly written, and poorly researched” dissertation of the Orc Putin

Still following my previous hypothesis i see that more evidence has been produced to support it. Bloodymir Putin (an accurate name coined by a Polish newspaper) just said that he will treat as midges all his fellow countrymen who do not share his lunatic ideas Of course, Orc Putin’s aforementioned rant can be a sign of despair related to the chaos in Moscow’s empty stores where people now fight over sugar and also about the 150 billion defaultBe there as it may it is for sure not the words of a true Christian. 

Speaking about Christians, it’s important to remember that the very first public miracle that Jesus Christ did was at a wedding feast and his mother told Him that wine had run out, and then He transformed water into wine. Unsurprisingly, Bloodymir Putin is known to generally avoid drinking alcohol, which is also further evidence to support my hypothesis. Furthermore, several centuries before Jesus Christ was born the Greek historian Herodotus reported that the first Persian empire had a most interesting way of making decisions using wine so probably if Bloodymir Putin was a true Christian or at least had some of the wisdom of the first Persian empire the bloody invasion of Ukraine would never have happened. 

In an older post of  18-09-2019, I presented a most interesting map of 4000 years of world history. In it, it is possible to notice that on a millennial-scale the Russian empire is a bad joke that can’t even compete with the disappeared Portuguese empire that lasted more than half a millennium. It is also possible to notice that several empires lasted more than 1000 years and then simply disappeared. The Kush and the Silla empires are just two of them, how many can remember the names of their emperors now ? The Roman empire lasted almost 1500 years but where´s Rome now? Ironically it was conquered by Jesus Christ even though he had no army, never won a single battle, or even wrote anything. His “empire” has lasted for two millennia and will last as many because it is based only on everlasting inspirational words. As to Orc Bloodymir Putin in a few hundred years or much earlier than that, no one will remember his name. He’s less than a history midge.

PS – Also interesting (in historical terms) is Orc Putin’s dissertation which is “poorly organized, poorly written, and poorly researched”