“The beginning and the end of the male civilization” in Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway


The recent link above shows that Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway are the countries with the least discrimination levels in the workplace for women. However, it remains, to be seen, whether these advanced female work conditions will one day contribute to reaching the radical stage defended by the doctorate Meike Stoverock that I mentioned a year ago when I added a humorous question related to the mating habits of the Tasmanian devil.

However, bearing in mind that we are now living in the midst of a war (started by a pathological liar who, while in “university”, authored a poor academic dissertation and who is now so desperate, with troops that have no fuel and no food, that he just start using hypersonic missiles) a tragic moment that does not lend itself to moments of great humor, but which fortunately helps to remember that the most infamous genocides in History are all Male, so it makes sense to ask, would Meike Stoverock’s radical proposal allow us to reduce the number of genocides on our Planet?