The areas at the German Academy where women have a higher chance of becoming a professor than men

A recent article authored by German researchers published in the Elsevier journal Research Policy shows that, at least in the area of Psychology, there is no discrimination against female researchers:

“Theories on gender bias argue that women in academia benefit less from their academic achievements than men do; women, as a result, show lower rates of success in becoming tenured professors. Based on longitudinal data from CVs of virtually all psychologists in German academia, we analyze factors that lead to a first permanent professorship in German psychology departments….Among tenured professors, women show a 32% higher chance of becoming a professor than men”

Moreover, this phenomenon does not occur only in the field of Psychology, but also in Political Science, as one can read in another article that was published in 2021, entitled “Publishing, signaling, social capital, and gender: Determinants of becoming a tenured professor in German political science“.

PS – Fortunately, the promotion to a professorship position does not depend on the biased student opinions that favor the better-looking ones