ChatGPT, four questions about science disruption and naive researchers

Below are the three posts that have had the most views since January 1st. It’s somewhat surprising that third place belongs to a post that was made just five days ago.

1º – The first Scopus-indexed publication co-authored by ChatGPT-3

2º – Some questions about the large study based on 45 million articles and 3.9 million patents that claims Science is becoming much less disruptive

3º – The two top German researchers naively hindering the European Commission’s strategy to end the billion-dollar business of scientific journals

PS – On March 14, Open AI unveiled GPT-4, still it remains to be seen if the latest version is worth the $20 monthly subscription. Be there as it may, the ugly truth is that a copyright war is about to be unfolded, as one can read in a recent article published in The Economist: “it is the oceans of copyrighted data the bots have siphoned up while being trained to create human-like content…AI models plunder the databases without permission. Those responsible for the source material complain that their work is hoovered up without consent, credit or compensation.