The two top German researchers naively hindering the European Commission’s strategy to end the billion-dollar business of scientific journals

Still following my previous post from March 2021 entitled  “The highly profitable disgusting business of scientific journals has finally begun to crumble with a little help by the European Commission it is disappointing, to say the least, to see a paper published in the Journal of Informetrics a few days ago by two top German researchers (Haunschild & Bornmann) proposing a bibliometric approach for identifying potentially talented young researchers which incomprehensibly (and out of time) uses an indicator based on the number of papers published in high-impact journals

For sure the aforementioned journal authors do not care about the advice of Vladen Koltun (Distinguished Scientist at Apple, prior Chief scientist at Intel, and prior to that was Professor at Stanford University who wrote that the quality of journals should never be used in the evaluation of researchers, nor do they seem to be concerned with the worrying fact that “articles retracted due to data falsification or fabrication are disproportionately found among high-impact journals” 

PS –  Open Research Europe (which will contribute to the ending of the billionaire business of scientific journals) was accepted for indexation in Scopus in 2022, which means that researchers no longer need journals to have their papers indexed