A very odd mystery about China’s historical unity

In a previous post from May of this year, I recalled the various Russian invasions of Chinese territory (1894, 1945, and 1969). But i did not mention the 1860 Russian annexation of the Amur region when China lost almost 1 million km2 of its own territory.

This area represents almost 10 times the area of Ukrainian territory that Russia has recently occupied. But most important it represents almost 30 times the area of Taiwan, which means China needs to recover 29 Taiwan’s that were stolen by Russia and not just the one located in the South China sea in order to fully restore China’s historical unity.

So i wonder what is China waiting for to demand that Russia return the Chinese territories it occupied in an imperialist and scoundrel way? Or is China patiently waiting for Russia to exhaust itself as much as possible in the Ukraine war before making such a claim?

Update on 12/12/2022 – A few months ago i quoted Yuval Noah Harari on Russia´s massive economic dependence on oil and gas and now I must again give credit (a lot) for his last article published in The Atlantic, about the importance of the New Peacehttps://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/12/putin-russian-ukraine-war-global-peace/672385/