The childish opinions of a genius

The evil genius who love Joseph Stalin and who´s ashamed of his father’s legacy (the very same who recently said Adolph Hitler had Jewish blood) just decided to share his cynical views about how the terrible Western countries are oppressing the world

And of course, the best proof of that oppression is that all Syrians who fled from Syria and all Africans who try to cross the Mediterranean have just one dream, to live in Russia, the only country in the world where oppression does not exist and never existed

The real truth is that the country of Orc Putin wants every piece of land it can grab. And if he could he would no doubt also invade China, just like when Russia invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria in 1894, and again in 1945, when more than a million Russian soldiers engage in a special military operation to liberate Manchuria from the oppression of the West (also known as special operation to denazify China). And they also tried (unsuccessfully) once again in 1969 in the Sino-Soviet border conflict.

Unfortunately for Russia, China has since then become a (Real) world power so there´s only one direction for Russia to expand to the West, Ukraine, and to the Baltic countries (if only they were not under the protection of evil NATO).

Of course, what would be quite ironic was if China invaded Russia now. But China does not need to invade Russia simply because soon Russia will be on its knees asking China to buy its gas and oil. In the end, for China, that´s even better than invading Russia because as Sun Tzu advised The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting

PS – Contrary to the childish (and even moronic) opinions of the genius Sergei Lavrov we do not live in a world with multiple powers. Real powers (just like Black Holes) have a high capacity to attract talent. In this world, only the EU, USA, and China have such capacity. They are the three biggest talent attractors. Russia and others have a lousy performance in that area that is even worse than my own country, Portugal. Russia is not even able to retain its own talents, which in the last two months have fled by the thousands to Turkey and also to Western countries. And that is also why Russia is so frustrated, behaving like a spoiled child.