Putin´s land grab piracy has inspired the revival of Portuguese imperialism

Now that the psychopath Putin has engaged in Ukrainian land piracy Portugal just became nostalgic about its former 6 centuries empire that ended officially in 1999 when Macau was transferred to China. As a consequence and since Portugal has an internal population of 10.3 million (plus another 5.3 million Portuguese that live in other countries) being that Luxembourg is one of those countries having Portuguese population densities in the Northeast, more precisely in Larochette, Bettendorf, Schiren, and Echternach that represent, respectively, 77%, 76%, 69%, and 66% of the respective total population that has led some Portuguese army officials to suggest that an immediate invasion of Luxembourg would make perfect sense in order to protect those Portuguese communities. The next step would be to carry out a sham referendum in those regions so they can become de facto Portuguese regions exactly as Putin just did in Ukraine. In the same way, Adolph Hitler also did in 1938, when he annexed part of the Czechoslovak Republic (the Sudetenland) where 3 million ethnic Germans lived. A number that is much smaller than the 8 million ethnic Russians that live in Ukraine.

PS – In this dramatic hour (after the Russian horde of assassins has killed and raped freely in Ukraine) it’s important not to forget that the most effective way (in the short term) to fuck the psychopath Putin is the one recently mentioned in Time magazine https://time.com/6217385/weaponizing-energy-will-hurt-russia-the-most/ In the medium term however it will be Russians who´s gone fuck Vlad Putin really bad, in the very same moment that thousands of coffins with the corpses of young Russians begin to arrive in Russia. At least that is the opinion of Ilya Yablokov, a Russian Professor working at Sheffield University who spoke to a Portuguese newspaper yesterday.