Death forces and life forces

Below are a few words that I took from an article published today by the best known Portuguese philosopher José Gil (82) who in 1998 wrote Metamorphoses of the Body and which in 2005 Le Nouvel Observateur had included in the group of the “25 great thinkers of the world”:

“...Buildings blown up, schools, hospitals, museums destroyed, apartments gutted, women, children, old people executed, civilians tortured, shot, women raped, entire families slaughtered and thrown into mass graves or left on the street to rot…anything monstrous appeared, inside the monstrosity that is war. Beyond the laws of war, now systematically broken by the Russian army, which no longer intends to hide the crimes he commits, the horde of assassins advances, showing off to the eyes of the world unscrupulous brutality. Is not only the order of peace that is troubled, but it is also the war itself that is subverted and transgressed — it is not a war is a massacre…”

PS – Unsurprisingly Putin´s wealthy “attack dog” just said that Poland could be next. Of course, Poland will not be next for a very simple reason, it has been a member of NATO since 1999. And that is why Finland and Sweden also want to join NATO.