“Why a meaningful life is impossible without suffering?”

Still about the article published several months ago in Scientific American, titled “A New Dimension to a Meaningful Life“, note that a much more problematic definition of what a meaningful life is, was mentioned in a post published a few days ago, about how suffering (chosen rather than the random one usually associated with serious illness) is essential to a meaningful life, as per the book of a professor at the universities of Toronto and Yale https://bigthink.com/the-well/paul-bloom-meaning-suffering/

In 2015, the well-known director Terrence Malick “gave birth” to an interesting film called “Knight of Cups“, whose main protagonist (the actor Christian Bale) seeks meaning for his existence. In a scene from the aforementioned film, another well-known German actor (who was born in a territory that today belongs to Russia), Armin Mueller-Stahl, explains to Christian Bale that there is another, less “rational” way of understanding suffering and which is even more comprehensive, not excluding, as above, that suffering of a random nature: “suffer binds you to something higher than yourself…it takes you from the world to find what lies beyond it”