Putin Copy Stalin’s Tactics

Just as the dictator Joseph Stalin tried to starve 2 million West Berliners in 1948 in order to force the Allied forces out of West Berlin (the infamous Berlin blockade) the Orc Putin just decide to starve millions of people in poor countries in order to force the West to lift the sanctions (read special economic operation) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/20/us-accuses-russia-of-weaponising-food-in-ukraine-crisis-and-holding-global-supplies-hostage

Russian tactics are exactly the same as bullies of repeatedly and deliberately harming only those who are smaller or weaker. And that’s why it’s important to remember Angela Merkel’s own words when she said that Putin“needs to prove he´s a man”.

And the fact that Orc Putin has the same modus operandi as Stalin also helps to explain why the current Russian army also engages in mass gang-rape just as Stalin’s army did. https://pachecotorgal.com/2022/05/11/the-2022-russian-ukraine-war-and-russian-gang-rape-culture/

PS – On March 8 I had already written that poor countries will pay the heaviest price for the war started by the furious psychopath Putin”