The ones that celebrate genocide and the ones that will pay the heaviest price for Putin´s war

When two days ago I called for a boycott (see post above) i had not heard about the persons that were killed in a soccer match in Mexico. But worse than that I was far to conceive that Russian sportsmen could display sadistic behavior by celebrating the Ukrain genocide with a shameful warmongering symbol

Of course, some might say in a very relaxed or even cynical manner that the Ukraine War is not yet a “de jure” genocide but at most only a “de facto” one. For those, i just hope that the scenarios described here can never turn into reality. Be there as it may, at least one Russian officer Col. Astakhov Dmitry Mikhailovich already admitted its genocide

In August of 2020, an article published in Nature tried to show how very wrong were the world priorities with the increase in military spending when compared to the meager funding of The Paris Climate Agreement. But that was before the furious psychopath Putin decided that what the world really needs is not to reduce the military budget but on the contrary to increase it even more.

And his death wish came true because the German Chancellor just said that this year he will spend 100 billion euro on military expenses and in the following years, he will have a military budget which is twice the amount of the health care budget, 71 billion euro per year. Adolf Hitler can finally rest in peace because 77 years after his country’s army was defeated, behold, the dreadful Wehrmacht is reborn from the ashes (most ironically by the hand of psychopath Putin) and will quickly regain his former might !

PS – In September of 2020 The Economist noticed that Covid-19 would plunge many millions into extreme poverty. Unfortunately, we know now that was an optimistic scenario because the war in Ukraine will bring a much darker reality. Up to now each year the European Union provided over € 50 billion euro to help overcome poverty in many poor countries all over the world, but it is highly unlikely that it can continue to do so in this context, and that is just the tip of the crisis iceberg that also encompasses an increase in the price of many basic products, which means that poor countries will pay the heaviest price for the war started by the furious psychopath Putin.