The unlikely beauty-obsessed country and the repugnant face hypothesis

Still following the post in the link above it´s bizarre to read an article in the last edition of The Economist about the fact that the aesthetic treatments market will triple ($180 billion) and a large part will come from injectables. Amazingly, Brazil, the country that according to the article is known to be “famously beauty-obsessed” had 0.5 million injectable procedures in a single year which translates into a ratio of procedures per million inhabitants which is three times below the ratio of the USA and almost five times below the ratio of Germany !!!

What kind of sick society have we become that spends more on aesthetic treatments than on aid to poor countries? Does this mean that if all humans were blind we would have a less superficial society?

PS – Amazingly, not even that country that recently entered a serious economic meltdown where 42% of the population lives in poverty (34% in extreme poverty) escapes the sick beauty obsession