The time has come for Germans to sacrifice their comfort to save Ukrainians

Russia is now on the verge of economic collapse. Eight days ago the rating agency S&P Global already cut Russia’s credit rating deeper into (CCC-minus) junk, below Argentina and even Mozambique. And each day the Russian army spent in Ukraine it costs psychopath Vlad Putin several billion per day and soon this cost will reach 20 billion per day.

So there´s only one reason why the Russian army continues to destroy Ukraine, it’s because he´s being funded by German money. The moment Germany finally decides to boycott Russian energy, it will be the moment when Russia goes bankrupt, running out of money to pay even public servants, pensioners, and soldiers.

If now and according to the New York Times many Russian soldiers have already preferred to surrender than fight for Vlad Putin the moment that Russia finally goes bankrupt how many Russian soldiers will want to die in Ukraine to get paid zero? And that is also why Putin is trying to recruit Syrian soldiers promising them a $3000/month salary that he will never be able to pay if Germany cuts all Russian energy imports.

Five days ago nine wise economists analyzed what would happen to the German economy if this country stops all energy imports from Russia and their conclusion was that “stop of Russian energy imports would lead to a GDP decline in range between 0.5% and 3% (cf. the GDP decline in 2020 during the pandemic was 4.5%)” And having an economic decline that is even lower than the one caused by Covid-19 can hardly be considered an unbearable price for Germans to pay to save many Ukrainian lives and also to dethrone Vlad Putin, the Russian dictator that will go down in history for having only brought misery, suffering, and shame to its own people.

PS – This is a good time for the German people to remember when another Russian dictator tried to starve 2 million West Berliners into submission, the infamous Berlin blockade, which was only overcome thanks to almost 300,000 flights during a year. That´s exactly what Vlad Putin is doing right now in Mariupol.