The Untermensch of the 21st century and the shallowness of Academia

If diamonds from war zones were labeled blood diamonds as a way to highlight their infamous origin shouldn´t the kidneys of poor people also be labeled in a negative way in order to tackle their harvest ? Or are we much more worried about diamonds because kidneys only cost 1774 euro (according to Sky News female kidneys cost only 1330 euro !)

Or is it the fact that poor people are the Untermensch of the 21st century the real reason why we just don´t care and can´t even see them?

PS – Does it make any sense that a Scopus search return more than 300.000 documents with the words “games” OR “gaming” in the title, abstract or key-words and 244.000 publications about “fashion” but only around 150.000 documents with the word poverty (0.2% of all Scopus indexed publications) ? Is it because games and fashion are much more important academic subjects than poverty?