China is mobilizing science while Europe prefers to fund criminals instead

An article just published in Nature reports that The National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference have boosted science and technology in the national agenda. China’s spending on R&D has increased from 2.1% to more than 2.5% of GDP. In comparison Europe’s research and development expenditure relative to GDP stood at 2.27 %, lower than in the previous year when it recorded 2.31 %. Part of the problem is related to the 1 trillion euro tax evasion scandal

This European debacle raises an unavoidable question: What is Germany waiting for to cut its contribution to the European budget until all European countries copy its legislation on tax evasion, which determines mandatory prison sentences for those who evade the tax in an amount exceeding 1 million of euros ?

PS – I fully agree with the petition to rename Russia as Muscovy