An exiled Chinese activist, a Portuguese philosopher, and the burden of primacy

Still following my previous post of February 5, 2022, about a study by researchers of several countries showing that genetic inheritance influences the connection to Nature (link above), I take the liberty of reproducing below some words of the philosopher Soromenho-Marques, professor at the University of Lisbon, published yesterday in the 33 years special issue (about Life and Death) of the newspaper Publico, which was directed by the well-known Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei, who now lives in Portugal with his cats:

“…We are newcomers. Our species is taking its first steps on this planet. This thesis that we have to protect nature is a reversal of the burden of primacy. We are part of nature and we depend on it…..Is this apparent generosity a proposal that ends up hiding something not so noble, which is our inability to control ourselves? The inability to manage the death drive that inhabits us?…”