The meaning of a panoramic painting almost 70 meters long depicting the rape of women…

On December 16 i wrote a post wondering about the real reasons behind the Chinese patience concerning the fact that Russia has stolen 1 million km2 of Chinese territory and since then i have been tracking how this historical event is being brought to life. And yesterday, on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the blog “Democracy Paradox” did mention that “China might demand its territory back from Russia“.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this will happen in the short or medium term, but what is certain is that the best proof that the Chinese have not forgotten (and do not intend to forget) the theft of their own territory is provided by the Aihui History Museum (where Russian visitors cannot enter) that displays a 69-metre-long panoramic painting depicting “Cossacks raping (Chinese) women, driving Chinese into the river at bayonet-point and machine-gunning those in the water” which (not coincidentally) was also recently mentioned in an article published on February 2 in The Economist

PS – I wonder why scientists in the field of psychology have still not been able to explain the Russian soldiers’ obsession with rape, which has reached its extreme, in what is considered the greatest phenomenon of mass rape in all of history, in which almost 2 million German women between the ages of 8 and 80 were brutally raped by the Soviet army, many of whom were repeatedly raped by dozens of soldiers, as I had already mentioned in a previous post from February 23, 2022, just one day before the invasion of Ukraine began