Male STEM researchers are paid $266 more than women for each one-point increment in the h-index

A recent article published in Science comments on a new study of more than 3000 tenure-track researchers working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) which shows that women receive smaller salary increases associated with their research productivity than do men.

Unfortunately, the study has two limitations (not acknowledged by its authors). It uses the Scholar Google database that has disambiguation problems, it contains non-peer-reviewed publications and it’s not possible to control for self-citations. Furthermore, as Koltun et al has shown, scientists working in STEM disciplines that are plagued by hyperauthorship can no longer be evaluated with the h-index, but only with the h-frac index.

Surprisingly or not in my country, there´s absolutely no relation between the salary of scientists and the increment in the h-index. In Portugal, we have hundreds of Full Professors (both male and female) with an h-index much lower than the h-index of Assistant professors and even lower than the h-index of postdocs. 

PS – Check also the paper “How can I improve my scientific impact? The most influential factors in predicting the h-index”