Extracting value from (environmental) stupidity


Regarding the post above, where I commented on idiotic actions aimed at deflating the tires of SUVs in North America, I still recognize that it is possible to extract value from this stupidity, because if there were an entity in each country that would issue annual certificates for fossil fuels vehicles, confirming the payment of carbon offsets, then this would make it possible to appease the (brainless) anger of these young environmentalists, as well as alleviate, the consciences of SUV owners, and at the same time also to help third world countries where these carbon sequestration activities take place.

Bear in mind in this context that Norway paid 24 million dollars to Indonesia to avoid the release of almost 48 million tons of carbon from deforestation, which gives an average price of 5 dollars per ton of carbon sequestered. This then means, that a 426 hp Escalade 6.2 V8 SUV, which has “high” emissions of 383 g/km, it would emit 10 ton of carbon for 25,000 km/year, and would thus have to pay 50 dollars in carbon credits, in order to have access to the seal of zero driving emissions. It is clear, however, that in the long term (the massification extended to hundreds of millions of vehicles existing in rich countries) would inevitably induce a high demand for activities related to carbon sequestration, so that the unit price of carbon would end up increasing a lot, thus discouraging in the future purchase of non-electric SUVs.

PS – Compare the 10 tons/annual emissions of the aforementioned American “pollutant” SUV with the 5000 tons emitted by Taylor Swift jet to cover the same 25,000 km. Which means that young American environmentalists should rather be concerned about emissions from artists’ jets and less about ordinary citizens’ SUVs. Still regarding the aforementioned Taylor Swift, I cannot help but note with interest (and undisguised satisfaction) that she received the epithet of “climate criminal” which is more negative and violent than the one i used in 2019 for another artist here https:/ /pacheco-torgal.blogspot.com/2019/11/behold-almighty-world-champion.html