Idiotic young environmentalists

It was already known that lack of intelligence is a problem, but i was far from imagining that this lack of intelligence was not a problem of illiterate people, but of educated people in rich countries.

Regarding the recent and bizarre news on a Tyre Extinguishers group who declared “war” on SUVs, it seems that in school no one explained to these idiotic young environmentalists basic things, such as that not all SUVs have the same level of carbon emissions, that an electric SUV does not have the same level of emissions of an SUV that only consumes fossil fuels, and also that there are many non-SUV vehicles with a level of emissions superior to many SUV type vehicles. Cristiano Ronaldo has many high emissions non-Suv vehicles !

But it’s even more idiotic to forget that the owner of a high-emissions SUV can have a lower carbon footprint than someone who owns an electric vehicle, but eats beef steaks (or hamburgers) almost every day. Several years ago someone recalled the obvious in the pages of the New York Times: “switching to a plant-based diet does more to curb global warming than switching from an SUV to a Camry”

Something quite different is the hypocrisy of some of these young people, who think that SUV emissions are to blame but conveniently forget about the emissions necessary to keep their houses excessively warm in winter so that they can walk around the house in their shirtsleeves and avoid the terrible inconvenience of having to wear a sweater.

PS – Unfortunately, the problem mentioned above is not just a matter of idiocy. In a post from 2019 I wrote that when young people from rich countries conclude that peaceful demonstrations (or skipping classes as young Thunberg did) are unable to obtain serious results, then what is left is just radicalization:“…when these young people realize that skipping classes, demonstrating and occupying streets are absolutely inconsequential actions they will conclude (at least the least peaceful among them) that they only have radicalization and therefore eco-terrorism”.But on eco-terrorism, in its most violent form, it is worth reading section 2.3 of an article (cited in the 2019 post) that was published in 2018 in the journal Aggression and Violent Behavior