The enemy of Russia who wants that country to have a population smaller than that of Türkiye

In an interview published in my country yesterday, Gary Kasparov says that Putin can only recruit soldiers in the poorest areas of Russia thus confirming the words of Ph.D. Leonid Schneider. Kasparov also says that the Russian army promises families large compensation in the event of death — up to 200,000 euros. This means that the total compensation for Russian soldiers killed in the Ukrainian war already exceeds 7 billion euros.

If we add the number of Russian soldiers killed in the war in Ukraine with the number of Russians who committed suicide throughout Russia since the war began, the figure exceeds more than 50,000 dead in just five months. If to this number we add the number of those who fled Russia (around 200,000) because of the war in Ukraine and more importantly the effects of an uncommon low birth rate (that represents a drop of more than 300,000 Russians in a single year), it means that Bloodymir Putin is heavily contributing to the reduction of the Russian population, that one of these days it will be smaller than that of Türkiye.

PS – Kasparov also said in the aforementioned interview that “It is outrageous that the europeans compare the price of gas with Ukrainian blood”