Why can´t Academia earn billions while fighting corporate unethical science ?


Still following the post above where a controversial proposal was mentioned, which in fact is not so controversial in view of the latest research developments carried out in the corporate sector, which  Academia can no longer keep up with, it would make perfect sense for Academia to be able to learn something with the corporate sector and start putting more efforts in the auditing of corporate research activities  https://www.economist.com/business/2022/06/23/in-eys-split-fortune-may-favour-the-dull

Check also an interesting article published in The Atlantic by Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University. Article from which I reproduce the excerpt below: “…artificial intelligence is close to enabling the limitless spread of highly believable disinformation. The AI program GPT-3 is already so good that you can give it a topic and a tone and it will spit out as many essays as you like, typically with perfect grammar and a surprising level of coherence. In a year or two, when the program is upgraded to GPT-4, it will become far more capable. In a 2020 essay titled “The Supply of Disinformation Will Soon Be Infinite,” Renée DiResta, the research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, explained that spreading falsehoods…will quickly become inconceivably easy” https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/05/social-media-democracy-trust-babel/629369/