Pursuing scientists “addicted” to plane travel, to fight Putin

After South Korea announced in 2019 that it would put a brake on academic travel to low-quality conferences. After the content of the post of January 1, 2020, where one can read that a Rector of a well-known Dutch university said (even before the Covid-19 pandemic): I will propose to the European Commission that in the coming Horizon Europe programme, researchers one would no longer get the travel costs covered” 

After an article in the well-known journal Nature, in January 2021, called for an increase in the number of virtual conferences, at least for senior scientists. After an article published at the end of 2021 argued that the reduction in the number of air travel contributes to the decolonization of higher education.

After the invasion of Ukraine by the country of Orc Putin (and his army of fanatical gang-rape Orcs) caused an energy shock in Europe, which among other measures, again requires an increase in the frequency of teleworking, see on this issue the article published by Bloomberg with the suggestive title “It’s Time to Work From Home Again, to Fight Putin”

And now we can read in Times Higher Education that researchers are calling for carbon budgets to limit university flights and even to make emissions a key factor in project evaluations. https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/set-carbon-budgets-limit-university-flights-say-researchers