The responsibility of Germany in the Russian-Ukraine war

Spiegel just informed that by the end of April the German people had helped Ukraine with a total of 752 million euros (around 9 euros/German). However, let´s not forget that each month Germany pays 3000 million euros for Russian energy (around 34 euros/German).

This means that in the last 20 years Germany paid around 700,000 million euros which represent around 50% of all expenses of the Russian rapist army in that period. This also means that Germany is now morally responsible for around 50% of the destruction caused by the Russian rapist army in Ukraine. And, since the cost of rebuilding Ukraine amounts to 950.000 million euros then 50% of that amounts to almost 5000 euros/German.

Of course, the aforementioned amount has nothing to do with the 950 million euros per week needed to support Ukrainian refugees that must be paid for with frozen Russian assets.

PS – Altruism is not a German thing, they prefer to pay to annoy someone instead