“Net zero and nature-positive”

The phrase used for the title of this post was taken from the article “The business of our future” published in TIME Magazine International Edition on April 25 and written by the Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal.

On it, we can read about the challenges faced by our Planet “a war in which all nations must be allies“. And also about “ecopreneurs”, environmentally focused entrepreneurs taking risks that will be integral to the planet´s future. Certainly not by chance I had already mentioned this TIME edition in the post scriptum of a previous post https://pachecotorgal.com/2022/04/27/the-economist_saving-the-planet-through-litigation/

PS – The aforementioned TIME edition has also an interesting essay about Bloodymir Putin titled “Follow the money” adapted from Browder´s Freezing Order: A true story of money laundering, murder, and surviving Putin´s wrath. The very same greedy Putin who has billions at the same time that 19 million Russians live in poverty. In the post scriptum of another previous post I ridiculed Russia’s ability to attract world-class talent when compared to the EU, US, and China. And I didn’t even need to compare the ridiculous amount Russia spends on research, just 1% of its GDP, with the much higher percentage spent by China. Not to mention while in China companies are advised to support basic research (Tencent will put up $1.5 billion in biology, math, medicine, and physics) in Russia companies support Putin’s luxury addiction instead.