How to earn more citations: Part 2

Still following the post in the link above where two studies were cited about what mistakes to avoid in order to earn more citations its also important to remember the advice of Antonakis et al. (based on a study of 776 papers) that recommended collaborations with scientists of top universities and also to include highly cited papers in the reference list.

And last but not least it’s also very important to have at least a few papers as a single author just because a study based on 100,000 authors showed that the citations received as the single author of a paper elevates the academic impact the most“.

PS – Of course collaborations with scientists in top universities alone is not a guarantee of citations because my own country has had institutional collaborations with the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT since 2006 (last month a Call was open for 40 PhD research grants with MIT, under the responsibility of “my” university, the University of Minho) which involved 70 faculty members and researchers at MIT and i know for a fact that many papers that came out of that collaboration received just a few citations.