I have to confess that I was wrong, deeply wrong

I have to confess that I was wrong, deeply wrong when back in 2018 i wrote that Russia and not Turkey was the country that had better conditions to join the European Union. Of course, back then I could never imagine that one year later i would have to admit that Turkey is a country that produces high ethical scientists. And much worse, that four years later i would have to see Russia turning into a bloodthirsty country led by a pathological liar (Lithuania’s prime minister dixit) for whom torture is an act of extreme affection, repeated rape are just acts of deep love, slavery is freedom and war is peace exactly like in Orwell´s novel.

So taking into account that corrupt Hungary is a “de facto” (not “de jure”) enemy of the European Union and the best proof of that is the fact that Orc Bloodymir Putin just congratulated Orban, and assuming that the European Union like the Roman empire does not pay traitors either (Roma proditoribus non premiae) why can´t we replace Hungary with Turkey? As to corrupt Hungary, it can go and make a new (diabolic) Union with its barbaric Russian friends. Then the European Union can finally go after the money that Hungarian oligarchs (like the billionaire Lorinc Meszaros) robbed from European taxpayers.

PS – I have no doubt that it would be much much much better to have Kenya in EU than Hungary https://pachecotorgal.com/2022/04/04/our-borders-were-not-of-our-own-drawing-they-were-drawn-in-the-distant-colonial-metropoles-of-london-paris-and-lisbon/

Declaration of competing interests- I must confess that the fact that Turkey has a special relationship with elements of the Felis silvestris catus gang did not play a role in my present admission of past mistakes because before 2018 I had already been held hostage by several fierce members of that very same gang.