Bloody Energy

Still, following the previous post about the (most needed) German sacrifice, it’s worth asking if diamonds from war zones were labeled “blood diamonds” (as a way to highlight their infamous origin) shouldn´t the Russian energy also be labeled as bloody energy ?

And if that is so, does that mean Western countries that paid for bloody energy are also responsible for the crimes that Putin´s army committed in Aleppo and Grozny, where the real horror began after the battle ended?

PS1 – How deeply ironic (and tragic) it is to watch the fanatics of the Islamic State celebrating the war in Ukraine.

PS2 – Some in the West say that we shouldn´t boycott the Russian artists that support the war crimes of Vlad Putin. Does this mean that if they lived in the time when Hitler was incinerating jews on an industrial scale, they would not mind inviting and collaborating with German artists who supported Hitler´s final solution?