March 15 – Deadline for the Nominations for the 1 million euros Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity

“The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity aims to recognize people, groups of people and/ or organizations from all over the world whose contributions to mitigation and adaptation to climate change stand out for its novelty, innovation and impact…the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation considers any potential recognition areas that can contribute to one or a number of the following outcomes: 

Mitigation: reduction or prevention of greenhouse gas emissions or the increased absorption of already emitted GHG. The mitigation actions require the use of new technologies, clean energy sources, industrial processing, reducing deforestation, reforestation or restoring terrestrial, marine and coastal natural ecosystems, improved methods of sustainable farming and land use, and changes in individual and collective behaviors. 

Adaptation: reducing the negative consequences of climate change by taking measures to prevent or minimize impacts that can no longer be avoided, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events and food insecurity, with actions that include technological measures, nature-based solutions and behavioral changes”