The 19 most relevant questions for the human species

In a previous post, i mentioned the important statement by the renowned emeritus professor Sobrinho Simões, who stated that “what distinguishes the human species is not the ability to provide answers but the ability to ask questions” and this statement prompts me to request that ChatGPT provide information on what are, after all, the 19 most relevant questions for the human species, which, after all these years, have not yet been answered and it is not known when they will be, or even if they ever will be, at least for some of them. Response from ChatGPT below:

  1. What is the exact mechanism by which inorganic molecules transformed into living organisms?
  2. How does consciousness emerge from brain activity?
  3. How did the Big Bang occur, and what was there before it?
  4. How does gravity fit into quantum theories?
  5. Is there intelligent life on other planets?
  6. What is dark matter and dark energy?
  7. Is there an ultimate purpose for human existence?
  8. What is the exact mechanism behind the emergence of complex traits in living beings?
  9. Can we create an artificial intelligence that is comparable to human intelligence?
  10. What is time?
  11. What is the biological and cultural basis of language?
  12. How is memory formed and stored in the brain?
  13. In addition to the three spatial dimensions and time, are there other hidden dimensions in the universe?
  14. What are the conscious experiences of animals?
  15. What are the mental processes behind the generation of original and innovative ideas?
  16. Is it possible to travel through time, either to the past or the future?
  17. How can virtual reality alter our perception of reality?
  18. What causes mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia?
  19. What is the ultimate fate of the universe?