Finland’s Penal Code will apply life sentences to anyone who commits any type of research misconduct

Science just published a most interesting article about an American astronomer who resigned from Cal Tech due to the harassment of two female graduate students back in 2015 and who intended to start working at the Finish University of Turku. But that was before two astrophysicists at the University of Helsinki, Syksy Räsänen and Till Sawala “spearheaded an open letter” (signed by a bunch of Finish hypocrites) that led the (coward) University of Turku to change its mind about hiring that same US astronomer.

The fact that he was not condemned in a US court to serve a life sentence (or any kind of jail sentence, not even having been accused by a judicial authority) and the fact that he did not commit any crime in Finland did not matter a rat´s ass to the immaculate Academic Avengers Syksy Räsänen and Till Sawala (and the hypocrites) who seems to think that academic harassment should be punished with a life sentence

The case mentioned above has similarities to the strange case of the late young investigator Jonathan P. Tennant (alleged rapist)

In 2011, the far-right terrorist Anders Breivik killed nearly 80 people in Norway. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison (on average 3 months for each killing) which means that he will be released around 2032. So why academic harassers (or academics who commit other research misconduct acts) should be condemned to a life sentence being banned from working in their field of research again anywhere in the whole world?

PS – Unfortunately, the hypocrisy and cowardice that are rife in some Finnish universities have also reached the courts of that country where there are some prosecutors who would like to put those who exercise their freedom of opinion in jail.