PhDs must take a research ethics oath

A recent article in Science (link above) informs that Ph.D. recipients in France will soon have to take an integrity oath on the day they successfully defend their thesis. I agree with the measure but although I have no illusions about the “miraculous” consequences of such an oath, in order to reduce the number of those scientists with very low ethics at least it can help to put more “pressure” on them, thus helping to reduce their status quo of absolute impunity.

PS – When will Scopus and Web of Science decide to separate the retracted articles according to a typology that prioritizes the seriousness of the retraction? Currently, papers retracted due to serious research misconduct (like the 4 “deadly (research) sins” by MIT, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, and deliberate interference) are mixed with papers retracted due to innocuous reasons that do not harm science. This is almost the same as putting in the same group the sexual abuse of a child and a parking fine.