Adesso, d´Espagnat, and the achievement of the experts from Ludwig Maximilian University

A paper just published in Nature reports that experts from Ludwig Maximilian University recently connected single atoms that were located 33 kilometers from each other through quantum entanglement successfully.

It is true that my specialty is civil engineering and not the area of physics that explains quantum entanglement. Anyway, I remember that in September 1, 2015 I emailed the theoretical physicist Gerardo Adesso, Professor at The University of Nottingham asking for a comment on the fact that the French theoretical physicist Bernard d´Espagnat defined quantum physics as being infinite love and also about the content of Adesso´s publication “The social aspects of quantum entanglement” in which he compared quantum entanglement to passion at a distance:

“…Entanglement thus manifests as a somehow puzzling correlationbetween parties who once came into contact, and mantain their contact even miles away. This has been experimentally demonstrated with individual atoms or light beams: but how can it fit in our everyday experience of life? The closest feeling which comes into my mind is love. Think of a mother and a child, or two lovers who shared an intense emotion, and are now living at the opposite sides of the world. They feel each other, perceive the happiness or the sadness of the distant partner, and are influenced by this”