Human “carnivores” are also to blame for the Russian grain blockade in Ukraine

Still, following the criminal Russian blockade on the export of grain by Ukraine, one should not forget that, as we can read in the latest number of The Economist, almost half of the world’s grain production is used as animal feed (987 Mt) or burned as biofuels (265Mt), this is a percentage that is 600% higher than the combined production of grain by Ukraine and Russia, which means that it was enough for the rich countries to have reduced their meat consumption, to the value recommended by the WHO of 135 grams per day so that now the grain supply crisis didn´t exist.

In addition, as was mentioned in the article by The Economist, using grain to produce meat is a highly wasteful process, for every 100 calories of grain used in animal feed, this results in only 3 calories of meat for human consumption.

Not to mention that, willingly or not, this is what will happen in the medium term, because if it is true that there are those who are not sensitive to the emissions associated with the production of red meat, they will end up having to swallow a reality of the which it is impossible to escape, which is the constraints associated with the need to feed 10,000 million people, a context for which meat consumption values ​​of a maximum of 85 grams per day (14 grams for red meat) are mentioned in a Lancet report.

The Lancet report also noted that among all countries on the planet the US is the country with the biggest gap (638%) between red meat consumption and a planetary health diet.