H.G Wells’s “reaction of the altered conditions” and the Morlocks of our time

Is it just an amazing coincidence that among the hundreds of parents of the many hundreds of children killed in the massacres that took place in US schools, there was not a single one who had the courage to shoot the leaders of the National Rifle Association-NRA?

Or do these parents really believe that the leaders of the NRA, the very same that had lobbied to put low-cost semi-automatic AR-15s (cousin of the M16 used in the Vietnam war) in the hands of mentally deranged people have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the deaths of their own children?

In a previous post titled “Climate Apartheid” i cited a recent paper whose author has analyzed the cautionary tales of H.G Wells novels. In “The time machine” which takes place in the year 802,701 AD the subterranean Morlocks prey upon the delicate Eloi (who are the ironic victims of the “reaction of the altered conditions“). Are the NRA leaders the American (Morlocks) of our time ?