Naive scientists driven by idealistic (suicidal) searches or deceitful scientists ?

Still following the post above check the recent paper below which advocates the sending of new messages to deep space to try to reach advanced alien civilizations. Is it naivety or just astonishing stupidity the hypothesis that maintains that the aliens who might eventually be able to read the aforementioned messages will all be irreducible pacifists and that, unlike humans, for sure will not be obsessed with conquests and supremacy? 

Even Stephen Hawking, in his book “A Brief History of Time“, wrote that “alerting” extraterrestrial intelligence of our existence was not a very good idea but instead a dangerous one. Is it possible that the aforementioned scientists never heard of the precautionary principle

Or could it be that Stephen Hawking is the naive one and in fact, messaging extraterrestrial intelligence (METI) is just how a deceitful and gargantuan (Human civilization) “spider” is trying to charm/mesmerize naive “flies” (alien civilizations) into its sticky web ? 

PS – For me, the messages that Humans sent in both Voyager spacecraft constitute the pinnacle of hypocrisy and deceit. They portray humans as almost the most peaceful and artistic civilization (including 90 minutes of different musical themes) in the universe, but the strange thing is that they omitted our self-destructive behavior (Freud dixit) and also the highly destructive patterns of human history. They hide the fact that Humans are the most effective murdering machine, that is on the verge to be responsible for the extinction of 1 million species. They hide the fact that Humans have exhausted their own Planet and also the fact that they are a plague on the Earth“. Why ?