Russian Chief Ambassador reveals the recipe to bend Russia

Civilian deaths in Ukraine have already reached two thousand and it is not known how far they will go if international pressure on Russia does not increase in the meantime. Fortunately for the West, the sly head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, revealed that his country is ready to face economic sanctions, but that he does not understand (he can’t swallow) that there is a boycott of Russian sportsmen and scientists.

The aforementioned revelation clearly shows the weak point of the mafiosi who rule in Russia (the very same country that doesn´t even bother to arrest Russian children), which is exactly where the boycott of the international community must now exert more pressure, not least because it is very easy to boycott sportsmen and scientists from that country.

For every day that Russia remains in Ukraine, the international community must boycott Russian sportsmen and scientists for a year. As today is the seventh day of occupation, this boycott is expected to last a minimum of 7 years. One year for each day of the Russian invasion. Moreover, since Russian politics especially love sports (which is easily understood by the systematic doping of Russian athletes and the 46 Olympic medals that were stripped from that country) probably the boycott should target only sportsmen, at least in the first phase.

The effects of the boycott can however be invalidated at any moment if Mr. Putin, a cowardly man with no values and no honor, is removed from his dictatorship office and persecuted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Grozny, Aleppo, and Ukraine.

For my part, as Editor, I refused yesterday to comment on the content of a scientific article, due to the fact that it has a Russian co-author and I will continue to boycott (as an editor and also as a reviewer) articles that have co-authors from that country.

PS – Following the excellent article on The Economist on February the 9th, Yuval Harari has just written a more recent article entitled “Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this war”