Leading science negotiator of the European Parliament says that the European Union must cut all scientific ties with Russia


Still following the post above about the excellent decision of the German Government it’s worth remembering the words of the small German, Harald Kujat, a general that said he support Admiral Schönbach’s view´s about the need to show respect to Putin.  The very same nice Putin whose army committed war crimes in Syria, and that was just termed as a “bloodthirsty mafia thug” by the former molecular cell researcher Leonid Schneider and also as a “ruthless megalomaniac” by the great-granddaughter of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.

Fortunately, the German Government has now realized what kind of small military men they have whose secret dream is no doubt to serve His Royal Highness, Tsar Vlad Putin. Fortunately, Germany has much more than small men like the great Christian Ehler, a member of the European Parliament who just said that the EU must cut all scientific ties with Russia:

Christian Ehler, one of the Parliament’s leading science negotiators, said the European Commission should immediately stop payments to Russian participants in its Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research programmes, and terminate the participation of Russian entities”

PS – By the way, since Finland (which was part of the Russian empire for more than one hundred years, from 1809 to 1917) is not part of NATO if it is invaded by Russia does that mean all Europe can do is apply more economic sanctions to Russia?